A few words and thoughts about Pinterest. I approach every wedding as though it is as unique as are the bride, groom, family members and friends at that wedding. I am always open to your ideas and suggestions for special photos, many of which can be found on Pinterest and other internet resources.

As you copy and paste images and compile your list of suggestions please realize that those images have been cherry picked by the photographers who too them. This means they have selected the best photos out of thousands resulting from hundreds of shoots. The photos displayed on Pinterest are usually the best shot a photographer got the entire day or in an entire year of shooting.

Some of the photos found on Pinterest and elsehwere are the result of a “styled shoot” which required several hours to plan and execute. While it is not completely unrealistic to expect a few photos like these in a real life wedding day, a wish list consisting of 20 or 30 such photos would require a signficant investment of time, not to mention the full cooperation and undivided attention of everyone involved.

I will be happy to discuss your photography goals and objectives with you. This can be for your wedding, a portrait session, a mitzvah or an anniversary.

Please contact me to schedule a relaxed, no pressure consultation.

I look forward to meeting you soon.