Using Disposable Cameras at Your Wedding

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Couples pay good money to hire a professional photographer. Even so, some couples decide to place single-use disposable cameras at the reception tables for guests to take snapshots. Couples do this in the hopes of getting candid photos they might not otherwise receive from their professional photographer. After the wedding, many couples quickly discover half of the disposable cameras have disappeared. The remaining pictures that are developed end up being a bunch of blurry shots of the backs of people’s heads, the floor or the ceiling taken by children attending the wedding. If you’re putting single-use cameras out on the tables for wedding reception guests to use, here are a few things to consider.

Number the cameras

Number each camera with a magic marker. Number them so they correspond with the table number. Guests are more apt to turn the camera in if they know the couple is accounting for each camera.

Place a reminder note with each disposable camera

Place short note next to each camera on the table. Politely ask your guests to take snapshots at their table during the reception. Include a friendly reminder for the guests to leave the camera on the table. This will encourage your guests to use the camera and they will be more likely to return them at the end of the reception.

Buy disposable cameras with a flash

Disposable cameras with a flash are a must if your reception will be held inside. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bunch of grainy, dark photos. Even if your venue is outside, once the sun sets, you’ll need the flash.

Developing the photos can be expensive

You won’t know what’s on the roll until you bring the developed shots back. By then you’ve already spent the money. If your guest-list includes children and they see the cameras, chances are you will end up paying for a lot of useless photos.

Have a reasonable expectation

Do you think you will end up with hundreds of photos of your guests having a great time on the dance floor? Sure, there might be a few good wedding reception shots within the rolls, but in most cases, they will be few and far between. Many guests won’t even use the camera because they brought their own digital camera.

Rethink your decision to purchase disposable camera

Many guests will bring their digital camera, iPhone or Smart Phone to your wedding. Digital cameras produce much clearer photos than disposable cameras. Chances are your guests and family will be willing to send you digital copies of the photos via email or Facebook.

Remember, disposable cameras at the reception tables are no substitute for the quality your will receive from your professional photographer. If you don’t expect much from these photos you won’t be disappointed later.