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Beach Wedding Tips

Here are a few beach wedding tips that might help make your beach wedding a fabulous one! Sometimes beach weddings need little adornment, making them perfect for couples who want to celebrate their marriage surrounded by nature.

  • Since going shoeless on the beach is the norm, have a shoe valet for your guests so they don’t have to worry about getting sand in their shoes. For a smaller wedding, a shoe valet can be as simple as a couple of straw mats for your guests to put their shoes and sandals on. For a larger wedding you might want to consider hiring or appointing a shoe valet. Guests can check in their shoes and receive tags to reclaim their shoes after the wedding. With either kind of shoe valet, offer guests pre-moistened towels with which to wash their feet before putting their shoes back on.
  • Speaking of shoes, flip-flops are ideal for beach brides. Flip-flops with wedge heels are great for outdoor weddings because they make it easier to walk around and can be as comfortable as slippers.
  • Rent a sound system. For any outdoor wedding with more than 40 people, you should consider need amplification, especially when near the water. Make sure you have a microphone and the battery providing power is fully charged. Also,    make sure musicians who are playing outdoors for your ceremony have amplification.
  • For your wedding gown, choose a fabric like chiffon and silk taffeta because they are lighter than many other fabrics and won’t require as much care and attention (aka “babysitting”) throughout the day.
  • Offer a water station for your wedding guests. Place several containers with ice and bottled water near the ceremony entrance to keep your guests hydrated.
  • If your beach wedding ceremony is in a hot, sunny area, offer parasols or fans your wedding guests.
  • Some couples choose to have their guests stand if their ceremony is a short one. Chairs are a nice touch. Check to see if there a chair rental service that will deliver, setup and take-down the chairs. White wooden chairs are favorites for any outdoor weddings, especially beach weddings.
  • Have a back-up plan. Mother Nature is as unpredictable as she is beautiful. The last thing you want is for a rain or an unexpected thunder storm to put a damper on your wedding day bliss.
  • Be sure to make special arrangements ahead of time for older guests or those with mobility problems. Navigating in sand can be very challenging for those individuals.