Getting down to the nitty gritty of wedding day portraits

About Torre Photography

I started photographing weddings in 1969 while in college and have averaged over 50  weddings a year  since 1981. My best guess  is that I have photographed in excess of 2,000 weddings. I have photographed weddings of most religions and ethnicities. I’ve also photographed a handful of as well as same sex weddings.

Customers often asked why I’ve never burned out or grown tired of photographing weddings.  The answer is pretty simple. Just as no two people are completely alike, the same holds  true for weddings. The variety keeps me energized.

The best way to characterize my shooting style is a blend of traditional coverage and spontaneous photojournalism.  I am very comfortable shooting in a wide a wide range of environments including indoor and outdoor settings.

I seldom cover more than one event per day. An exception to that might be covering a small short wedding early in the day and then another small one later in the day. Under no circumstances would I consider doubling up unless the two events were separated by several hours.

During peak season it is not unusual for me to cover three weddings in a single weekend doing one on Friday, one on Saturday and a third one on Sunday.

I usually work alone and seldom shoot with a second photographer. A second photographer can be arranged for a fee. I have hand-picked anyone who shoots with me or for me. I do this to assure a more consistent look to the final product.

All of my associate photographers are accomplished artisans. They wouldn’t be allowed to represent my business and my reputation otherwise. All of them own and operate their own photography business.

Despite the talent and expertise of my associate photographers, without exception, all of the photos currently displayed on my website were taken by me. I change-out the photo content on the website frequently to keep it looking fresh. Some of the photos displayed there may have been taken last week, last month, last year or several years ago. I have a huge archive of images to choose from.

I have print images in sample albums that are not displayed on the website. There are also images on this website that have not been included in any of my sample albums.

I use Canon DSLR cameras. I shoot in RAW format. Your images receive some initial editing before you receive your high resolution JPGs.

I do not distribute copies of the RAW image files to my customers.

I always bring at least two camera bodies with me on a shooting assignment. The same holds true of bringing multiple flash units and multiple lenses with me.  Enough technical mumbo jumbo!

Occasionally a prospective customer will request a written list of references. I respect the privacy of my former clients and prefer to not subject them to random intrusions on their personal lives by strangers. Logically, if I were to provide a list of references, I would only provide contact information for individuals whom I am certain would only provide glowing reports. There are plenty of testimonials on my website as well many reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire. Many of the reviews that appear on The Knot and Wedding Wire are featured on my website.

Most of my customers work fulltime jobs during the day. Many of them are fulltime college students. A few are fulltime college students  in addition to working fulltime jobs. That being said, I usually schedule consultations weekday events after work and school or on weekends. Although I am usually shooting at least one weekend day roughly 40 weeks of the year, I always manage to make time for weekend consultations and/or engagement photo sessions. Consultations are at my home located in the Grand Haven area of Palm Coast FL.

So there you have it. The nitty gritty about who I am, what I do and how I got here.

Hopefully you found the information above and in the FAQs to be helpful. Please contact me if you would like more information.